Connecting With God

My relationship with Jesus is the thing I love most about being a Christian. The fact that I can feel something so real, so loving, so genuine with a God who isn’t physically here is amazing. This feeling is stronger than any feeling on this earth, it’s the feeling that you know has to be the God of the universe. You have a relationship with the one who picked out every single part of you, put it together and said, “There. It is perfect.” This isn’t going to be a post about how you are made perfect in the eyes of God (Though you most definitely are), but rather it’s going  to focus on where this amazing feeling comes from and how we should be living with this wonderful thing that is the Holy Spirit.

You know that song by Kari Jobe, “I Am Not Alone”? Every time I listen to it I get chills, and not just the kind that make you get goosebumps, I get the shivers down your spine, shortness of breath, overwhelming warmth throughout the body kind of chills. The kind you could only get from something greater than anything man-made. I’m talking “spirit chills”. No there is no actual definition of that, but for the sake of this post let’s say there is.

The thing about this song is that it is calling the holy spirit, it’s an anthem to the works of the holy spirit, being thankful and mindful of it’s presence.

The holy spirit is something that many people have many different ideas about. I am not going to try  and explain what the Holy spirit is, other than it being apart of the trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) all being God yet all being separate. But what I do want to try and explain is how to view our relationship with the holy spirit.

But first let me explain one thing for a little clarification. For those of you new to faith seeking what a relationship with Jesus is all about or for those of you who new a refresher, the holy spirit was given to us by Jesus, after he died for our sins and before he accended back to heaven , to help guide us in the world where He would no longer be physically dwelling. He now left his holy spirit for those who accept His gift of salvation. (Luke 24: 46-49, John 20:21-22). And it is thought the holy spirit that we can communicate with Jesus.

In my relationship with Jesus I always talked to Jesus as if He was sitting in the chair across from me. This was helpful to me because I always had an issue with praying. It was hard for me to pray to something I couldn’t see, to something that was merely a spirit. By picturing Jesus sitting across from me it made Him more human, and to me more relatable. It sounds great in theory, but I realized it was damaging my relationship with Him.

It damaged it for two reasons:

  1. It made me limit the power of Jesus.
  2. It disconnected me from Jesus.

I know. Bold accusations. But in my story this is the truth.

1. It made me limit the power of Jesus

Because I had placed Jesus completely outside of myself during my time with Him, I stripped Him of His Godliness. I made Him all human. 100% human and 0% God.

For me, my relationship was more about a physical connection than it was a spiritual one. I wanted to be connected to God more than anything else and I had no idea how to do that, so I did it the only way I knew how, through a physical relationship. Now I didn’t go find a physical idol and worship that but in a way I made God an idol in my mind. I created a certain look, and pictured God in that chair and only in that chair. Jesus no longer had the power to change me, because I had made him merely mental representenation of a spiritual God

2. It disconnected me from Jesus. 

This ruined my relationship with God because when I was not in my room with everything set up like I normally had it, with me sitting on my bed and Jesus in the chair across from me, then I couldn’t connect with God.

While I was trying to connect with God on a worldly physically level, it was destroying my heavenly spiritual connection. God was only available where I had put Him.

Jesus is a holy being who came to earth 100% God and %100 human, and when we limit Him to just the human side there is a problem. 

In my time with God I realized I wasn’t as connected as I wanted to be. I was sinking. I had noticed that whenever I had my Jesus time anywhere other than my room, I didn’t feel connected, discouraging me in furthering my spiritual relationship.

When I finally realized what it was, I was listening to Kari Jobe’s, ‘I Am Not Alone”, which is why I mentioned it earlier.

I realized that we are not alone because Jesus doesn’t sit in a chair across from us, because that SEPARATES us. We are not alone because the holy spirit is  apart of us connecting us to Jesus and God, completing the trinity.

The second we are mindful in worship, in prayer, while reading our bibles, whatever, that the holy spirit lives in us and not just the place where we worship, you will KNOW and not just feel the presence of God because that place is YOU! Yes, you!

When we are truly connected to God, that is when we will feel His greatest presence.

Jesus wants you to be connected to Him. He wants you to have a relationship with Him. After all that’s what we were created for. To worship God, our creator, so why wouldn’t he provide the best way possible to do that.

As you strive to be more like Jesus this new year remember that the holy spirit is APART of you and that you are loved, wanted, and accepted.

Go in peace my friends and know that you are not alone.








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