Your Gift Is A Call Of Obedience

When we truly believe that Jesus Christ is God’s son and we believe that he died for the world and rose again and conquered death, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:1-5). The Holy Spirit is complicated and is something that the bible does not go into too much, but what we do know is that it is meant to guide us in how we live our lives on this earth in preparation for the return of Jesus Christ. But the bible also tells us that when we receive the Holy Spirit, we are given spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 12). And spiritual gift are often found or displayed within a talent, or something we may just call a ‘gift’.

So I ask you, what is your spiritual gift? Or rather what is a gift that you have that you are thankful for; a gift that you feel was given to you by God? For me, I have the gift of writing. That doesn’t mean that I think I am the best writer ever, or that I am perfect at expressing thought through writing words, but that does mean that God speaks most clearly through my words as opposed to anything else I do and my spiritual gift can be displayed and seen through my writing. Let me ask you this way, in what way do you feel God most present? Think about that for a moment, and when you have something continue reading.

Something I have grown to firmly believe is that our gifts are a unique way of worshipping God. When I am writing, I feel a connection with God that I would say most people who write because they have to don’t. But at the same time there countless of other things that I don’t feel a strong connection to God while others may. Again, what’s yours?

Because it is a way of worship, or a way of connecting and being in close connection with God, I believe there is also a call of obedience being put on us. I didn’t realize this until recently. See, when I have the urge to write because I thought (meaning the Holy Spirit gave me the thought) of something really profound to write about and I don’t, that is denying worship and I believe that is wrong of me. That is me telling God ‘No, right now I’m watching TV, I’ll do it later’. But if you put it in the perspective of this is God trying to use me to tell His people something important and I am saying “no”, isn’t that wrong? By all means, yes. That is called disobedience, and if we are called to honor our earthly father and mother, surely we are called to our our Father in heaven.

But that is what a gift is; it is a means of worship, but in that worship you are also testifying God’s faithfulness, love, and grace. God gave you this gift not just so you could enjoy it, but He gave you that gift so you could enjoy using it to grow His kingdom and spread His love, and if we are denying opportunities, we are doing it wrong.

It sounds so dumb, I know. C’mon, it’s a talent, I don’t have to do it all the time. But the way I see it is that, if we have the opportunity to express our gift and we know or feel the Holy Spirit guiding us in that direction, we need to be obedient and do it in the moment. We can’t keep putting it off.

We are all uniquely gifted; God has given us all a way to display His love in a way that we enjoy. What is that for you? I know I keep asking that, but I believe it is important to know.  It is important to know so that you are obedient.

If you are reading this and you are thinking, ‘I have no idea what my gift is. What am I supposed to do?’ don’t worry, you just aren’t there yet. Some people will know their gifts right away, and others it may take a whole lot longer. And I will add that realizing your gift later in life is no reflection of where you are spiritually, it’s just God’s plan for your life; it’s where He has you and you have to trust in that perfect plan.

As you go about your day, ask yourself ‘What do I enjoy that is worshipful to God?’, ‘How can I be obedient with my gifts?’, ‘Do I even know what my gift is?’. If you know what your gift is remember that is it a call of obedience, it’s not just a hobby. Use your gift(s) and use what you enjoy to glorify God.

In love,


One thought on “Your Gift Is A Call Of Obedience

  1. You have given Monday’s new meaning! Thanks Dear, this was excellent. I gave Few &In Between to a cousin of yours. He just moved out here from Georgia ( like 1 1/2 hrs from Will) to live with his uncle, Cameron and Doris, son, Levi. I think you remember them . Cameron’s sister is Cassie and Aidan is her son. He is a believer. So he will be a positive witness to Cam and family, who are not. Anyway hopefully you’ll be hearing from Aidan. If not, I’ll give you his address. Keep up the great work. Xoxo GMa

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