Check Your Heart: 7 Things God Hates

God is pretty explicit regarding the things that He does not like. God knows what it takes to be holy because He is complexly holy, in other words, He knows what makes you un-holy. Proverbs 6:16-19 speaks of 7 things God hates. I pray that as you read this that you check your own heart for any traces of these things. I know for me I had to think and dig deep within myself to find any fault. So as you read, stop, think, ponder, pray. Ask God to reveal what He needs you to work on.

I also want to add that I don’t want you to focus on the negative here. Look at this as an opportunity for growth rather than a moment of condemnation.

Here are 7 things God hates.

1. Haughty Eyes

Haughty eyes basically is your ego. It is being proud, arrogant, snobbish, condescending, pompous, etc. Being a Christian it can be hard not to think that you aren’t better than anyone else, but because we are Christians trying to share the love of Jesus we need to be extra careful that we do not come across this way. Have you ever wanted to be around someone who is super arrogant?

2.  A Lying Tongue 

We have all been there whether it was a small white lie or a huge big web of lies. This one got me because so often I think we forget that lying is something that God really hates. We often put sins in order of okay to really bad, with this being towards the top. But the thing is God hates liars. Liars misrepresent Jesus because when you’re lying you’re not loving and if you’re not loving, you can’t be sharing Jesus. As we go through our day we have to remember that lying isn’t something to be taken lightly, but rather, its something that we need to start taking more seriously.

3. Hands That Shed Innocent Blood

Most of us don’t have this problem. But think about it a little deeper. Are you supporting the killing of innocent blood through your politics? Now I understand, both parties have been at fault for the shedding of innocent blood; I’m not asking you to become an independent. But what I am asking, and what I think we should be doing more of is being aware of what our military and leaders are involved in and try making more of a stance when innocent lives are being taken.

4. A Heart That Devises Wicked Plans

Initially you may think I don’t need to worry about this one. But what about those practical jokes that may be funny to you but will hurt someone else? What about when you intentionally try to bring someone to anger? What about if you encourage someone to do something even though you know that something is wrong? This one doesn’t have to just be the extreme. Take some time and analyze if you have or are partaking in this.

5. Feet That Make Haste To Run To Evil

Do you keep running back to your sin because you think it gives you rest? Or what about because you think it gives your satisfaction? Pleasure? Joy? Happiness? Well, something you and I both know is that nothing that is pulling you away from God will truly satisfy you in any way. Turn form evil and run to God.

6. A False Witness That Breathes Out Lies

Whether you are sharing the gospel of Jesus with thousands or if you are giving Godly advice to your friend, make sure that what you say is biblically accurate. It is so tempting to just say whatever sounds good, right? Unfortunately that is not always the case. Because we have grown up in a sinful world a lot of its logic is flawed. When speaking in the name of Jesus we need to make sure that we are allowing Jesus to speak for us and through us by His Holy Spirit.

7. One Who Sows Discord Among Brothers (Or Sisters) 

In other words, this is someone who stirs up conflict among people. It is so easy (and sometimes fun) to stir things up to get a reaction out of people. But we have to check ourselves and make sure that we are kind in our words and loving in our ways. Our intentions need to be good because what happens when we stir up trouble we will cause others to sin and by making others stubble, we sin (Rom 14:21).

Did any of those jump out at you? Did you feel convicted by any of those? One of them, a few of them, all of them? Something to remember as I close is that these are not listed so that you can find more ways that you are far from God, but rather these are here so that you can learn how to get closer to God and how to be more like Him. We should be living to please God and how are we supposed to do that if we don’t know what He doesn’t like.

As you felt convicted pray and ask God to guide you away from that and that He would change your heart to match His love for all. God loves you and NOTHING you do will turn you from God if you keep chasing after Him.

Keep going! You’re worth it!


One thought on “Check Your Heart: 7 Things God Hates

  1. Thank you Dear. I really look forward to Mondays so I can read your thoughts!

    You are very insightful. You are a joy to Gramps and Me. Study Hard! Hehe Xoxo, GMa

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